Friday, January 7, 2011

homeward? bound

in a few hours i'm leaving Buffalo to head home to Brooklyn. that's what i always say, head home to Brooklyn. in all honesty, this time it feels like i'm leaving home to head somewhere else.

what do you do when everyone you love is in a place you don't love to live? you make multiple trips back, i guess.

either way, this was an amazing visit. breakfasts with my best friends. a bonding tea and orange juice with my dad. a whirlwind of a visit with my cousins and auntie and uncle. two, count them two, visits with my lil sis. i realize this isn't an interesting blog post as much as it is a shout out, but i'm sleepy and jumping on a plane in a  few hours, and had to put down somewhere that this time especially, it's hard to go.

once i'm back, it will all be fine. i'll be happy to be in my space and i already have plans for a get together with my other, other best gal.

but as i get older, i become more and more of a mama's girl. it can't be helped. and a few visits a few times a year doesn't seem like enough time spent with my favorite person. maybe when the book sells i can buy a house in Midwood, Brooklyn and force my mom and step-dad to move out there. positive thinking right?

wait. crap. barbara erhenreich says positive thinking doesn't work. so i mean, maybe i'll book more airfare home.

in the meantime, stay tuned my blogging friends, next week is going to be awesome here at Unfortunate Behaviors. on Monday i'm posting the second in my series of Ending the Shoulds videos.

until then, here are a few reasons why we're a hardy, perhaps lil' chubby, bunch in Buffalo:

This is the spaghetti parm at Chef's (though as my mama pointed out, it's really spaghetti mozarella) where after finishing a bottle of wine with me, my mama declared in a rush that, "I'm the boggle champion." even though i had sweepingly won the night before. hmm. interesting to see the things that come out when you've had a little to drink.

This was the beef wellington we made in a belated celebration of new years. Frighteningly, this was my plate after we finished eating the beef wellington:

get ready Brooklyn, five pounds heavier Corrie is coming home.


  1. Can't wait to have you back here in NY!!

  2. Thanks! And after a flight delay, lunch with my 'rents, and then almost a missed flight (heard the final boarding call as i was going back through security, then ran to the gate and had the ticket taker say, "there she is"), 2 hours on trains, i'm home!!! yay!