Thursday, February 3, 2011

all hopped up


where would i be without that hiphop class? it makes me wonder how many other things are out there that i haven't embraced/discovered yet that i will feel are equally invaluable to me being me.

i have this thing in hiphop, where only on rare occassions do i actually look at myself in the mirror when i dance. i don't know why. it's like how i look at the ground when i walk. my feet are only going forward yet the world's passing me by. which is the better view?

so i'm always a little amazed when i see videos from class and realize i wasn't that terrible.

sure last night's spins were tricky because with my clunky running shoes i'm convinced my knee will stay while my body goes, but everyone else was wearing the same kind of shoes and they spun with elegance, so that's no excuse.  and sure i come out of those spins a little late, and you can see me frantically try to catch up to everyone else, but overall it's not too bad.

there's a lesson there (why all my blogs strive to find the manufactured lesson in all my experiences, i have no idea) and it's that it's never as bad as you think it is. so keep going, enjoy it as much as possible, and good grief, try to stand up a little straighter. ok, that last one's just for me.

since this is a dance post, i'm posting the Missy Elliot class too. i could dance this choreography every day for a month straight (Nicole Holst rocks!). not to mention, my thighs afterwards (seriously for over a week) felt like they had danced this every day for a month. i guess it's a small price to pay for getting down low.

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  1. I love it Corrie, and I am so inspired by you! You really have so much more personal style than you realize. Also I have a horrible habit of looking down at the floor since I am in front of mirrors 24/7 I get sick of looking at myself. I am trying to force myself to do it more so that I don't end up doing it at an audition or onstage. Keep it up girl, you are getting better and better!