Friday, February 11, 2011

a week gone by...thank goodness

friday. the last of my days off. the day i reflect on how i spent the previous two days. through the insomnia haze that i'm in this morning, here's what i've got.

1. on wednesday i skipped hip hop class to go to something called the Breathless Reads Tour at Books of Wonder in the city. the tour is comprised of 5 penguin YA authors who all have popular books, make their rounds on teen's blog tours, and, in general, seem to have this social media thing down pat.

it was an interesting forty-five minutes. they were asked fun questions, and as well-educated, young writers, they all gave appropriately humorous and/or sage answers. what does it take to be a writer? my favorite answer from Kirsten Miller: "butt power."

even more interesting is that the bookstore only put out about twelve chairs (for the maybe 65+? people who came). also interesting was that the teenager sitting (damn her!) in front of me sent her mom to get her a cupcake from the cupcake cafe in the store. not one of the cool ones from the case, mind you, but a room temperature one from the open air.

when the mom brought it back and said, they only have ones from the case, the girl flinched and didn't accept it at first. looking at the treat like it was toxic. what's this? a not room temperature delectable? and the mom apologized!

now, i'm afraid to ask someone to raise or lower the heat to accomodate my own body temperature, so i had to look at this girl, who not only wrangled a seat, but was confident enough to stipulate the temp she'd like her delicious desesert, with something akin to admiration. i say akin, because it might have been some other emotion. either way, i should have been taking notes.

2. i went birthday card shopping for my dad, during which i realized i'm not smart enough to understand birthday cards. please will someone explain this to me:

homesock? is that like, holmes? even a day later, i still don't get it.

3. i did taxes. and kids, take it from me, if you work at a place that doesn't take nearly enough money from you, learn these words: QUARTERLY PAYMENTS. unfortunately, i'm only learning them now, for the 2011 tax year. which means, as in 2009, for 2010, i'm screwed.

4. never wear no-tread dog headed slippers when walking down stairs. you will fall. down all twelve steps, spilling your coffee everywhere.

i know this, because it just happened.

my upstairs roommate is gone for the weekend, and is such a sweetheart that she's letting me use her sunlight filled apartment to write in. whilst going downstairs to take my bread out of the oven, slip! followed by boom, boom, boom, boom (x3). i don't think i've fallen this badly, well, ever.

don't worry. my entire right leg and arm took the full brunt and what's not fun about giant bruises?

5. at least the bread was not harmed. ah, cinnamon raisin. my first ever attempt:

so in reflection, this was, all in all, a good weekend. i did taxes, fell down some stairs, got to see some successful authors at a book reading, oh! and laundry. how could i leave out my trip to the laundrymat?

this could be why every so often i look forward to going back to work.


  1. Well, "homeslice" is a term, so I think it's replacing that. Dumb humor... although I think it's a little funny. It's a sock. Homesock. Haha.

    Also, I am akin to falling down the stairs... it is no fun. Hope your bruises heal soon.

    Love you!

  2. At least your fall wasn't witnessed by bridge and tunnel twenty- somethings like mine was last week - yes, flat on my face crossing Park Ave after work, in front of five drunk guys... at least only my ego was bruised b/c I had so many layers on!

    And that card is so stupid that its almost funny.

  3. Oh, and that bread looks incredibly yummy. I'd like some.

  4. homeslice! that's the slang word i couldn't remember. thank you!

    aww, girlie! you fell flat on your face?! how awful. i went out with christine last night and she was telling me how lucky i was not to really have hurt something, and that a week or two ago, she fell twice while trying to get to the subway. so maybe that's the unlucky three and none of us will fall anymore.

    i soared and now i'm sore. ouch.

    and my lil sis, i'll happily give you a slice next time i'm home. which will make it....a homeslice!

    now will you please explain what that means for me?!

  5. Falling down the stairs is how I broke my big toe... it's also how I almost took out an 80 year old woman... not fun.

    Homeslice is just a silly term that resembles "homie." One might use it in the following fashion: "What's up, homeslice?" It's like "homie"'s geeky cousin, which is why I think it's a little funny.

  6. Usually, i try to take out 80 yr old women by coming out of elevators or buildings in a flurry of hurry. i almost ran down a blind man one day in my efforts to get off the subway. seriously, it's a problem, i'm a must exit now! beast.

    and my dear, you should write for the new urban dictionary. so informative and helpful.