Friday, March 4, 2011

ending the shoulds featuring Jared McGuire

waiting. is there anything worse? (yes, yes. war. hunger. racism. the entire global economy and environment crashing. a little perspective here please, i know. but i'm talking of the smaller problems in life.)

so where was i?


it's terrible waiting in line at the supermarket or for a cup of coffee. now imagine if your entire existence revolved around waiting.

that's what my life feels like sometimes... most times... always. i'm waiting. it's what i'm told when i'm feeling blue. just wait, good things are coming. fine, but what do i do in the meantime?

i'm tired of thinking everything will be fixed as soon as _____ happens. all that does is prevent me from doing other things. i'll move out of my apartment. i'll end/start a relationship. i'll leave my job. i'll get a dog just as soon as _____.

in the meantime, a day passes. then a week. then a whole year. around me other lives have changed, expanded, progressed. meanwhile, mine is exactly the same. yet each day is lived with baited breath, hoping that something will occur to make things different and better.

not that anything is wrong. admittedly, it's a good life. but living a creative lifestyle, living a life outside the shoulds, can sometimes also be a little torturous. i blame the waiting.

so here's my third in the series of ending the shoulds videos. it's intended to be a gentle reminder (mostly to myself) that the waiting point in life isn't one to "just get through." it's one to enjoy along with all the rest of it.

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