Wednesday, March 23, 2011

thinking summer

i was in the city earlier and had the fun experience of watching rain turn to snow. other than that, there's not much to appreciate about the weather today. it's pretty miserable out there.

on a similar day last week, i bought... a bikini bottom! (naturally.)

one of my favorite all time things to do online is shop the jcrew swimware sales section. it'd be fun to have pictures of all the bikinis i put in my "bag" but never purchase. there must be at least 70.

i'd been obsessing over one lately, but as sale sections go, they'd have the right size i wanted for the top, but not the bottoms. or not the right color, etc.

last season, i thought that the below one had it all. it was the right size, it was fun, it was ultra-cheap. only problem, not realized until i opened the box?

it's hellah ugly. possibly the most unflattering piece of swimwear ever created.

so segue to me being at target, looking at bikini's and finding the below bottoms.

with the gift card i had, they cost only $5. why not? i thought and bought them.

here's why not... these bikini bottoms have been scientifically engineered to not cover any of the important parts.

lesson? as painful as it is, always try the swimsuit on in the store.

now come on spring!

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