Monday, April 25, 2011

um, what day is today? oh right, 20 days to go

today's a reading day. a reading of my WIP, that is.

i've written through to the end, been through a round of edits, and now i'm left with the wonderful feeling that my entire project is a complete mess!

ack! don't worry. i know this feeling well. i've been here before. it's the necessary shredding, cutting, bandaging, clarifying that takes place while you fill plot holes, make character reactions more believable and try to prevent in advance as many people as possible saying, i just didn't buy it when....

or hopefully that's what you do. usually first, you make things worse.

so today i'll be reading, tweeking, and probably getting sidetracked and working on a chapter that doesn't even need it. i'll also be talking to a woman about taking care of her mississippi horse and cattle ranch in august, but that's for another blog post. and lastly, i'll be working through this years easter basket/care package. though after last night's writing marathon, about 8 things are now missing from this picture. (they went missing in less than ten minutes too, oomph).

happy fixing the mess monday everyone!


  1. no easter basket for me - my mom sent me a card w/ a picture of me when I was 4 blowing out an egg. can't eat that.

  2. I'm very happy to see cheetos in this picture ... I need to see more "grown ups" who eat cheetos...