Monday, May 30, 2011

appreciating what i've got, holiday monday

shhh. new york city is quiet. no the rapture hasn't come (pffft, like any of us would be beamed up;)), this is what happens when hundred of thousands of people all flee the same place at the same time. quiet, urban bliss.

i imagine someplace with beaches and beach houses is swelled from our run off right now. their streets are packed with traffic and all the cavorting families we've given up. haHA! is all i can think.

haHA! right back, those place would say. with or without tourists, we still have lovely ocean breezes, sand, and calmness. you just have buildings, heat, and a weird urine-y smell. an apocalypse movie, basically, is what you're left with.

so? i'll take it. i went into the city a few times this week. everywhere the streets were filled with tourists. tourists with maps, tourists on tours, tourists dining next to us trying to wrangle down the prices in restaurants. (sorry, but what state's people do that?)

today this places feels like it's all mine. just mine. and i wouldn't trade that feeling for a sandy beach ever.

wait a second. i'd trade that feeling for a sandy beach in a second. less than a second. do you have a sandy beach? may i come to it? do you have a trunk i can ride to a sandy beach in? i take up very little space. did i mention nyc is supposed to be 95 degrees today?

get me outta here!

and a very happy memorial day to you :)

A squirrel stalking a woman.


  1. 94? :| I WILL MELT. no A/C here. *dies* we should hit up the beach some weekend :)

  2. haha cute post. I really can't stand the heat..ugh. But I'm not much of a beach person, and I'm afraid I don't have one by me so no help here!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com