Friday, May 20, 2011

i do...vow not to mope anymore

it's no secret that i've been a little glum ever since i heard that my WIP won't be ready for spring/summer submission and is going to have to wait until fall. presuming i can nail the edits.

but Rome wasn't built by a glum bunch. actually, Rome probably was built by a glum bunch. but the point is, it got built anyway.

so there will be no more moping! if i can edit my WIP in just over two weeks. i can knock these corrections out of the park in a few months and start on my next idea, to boot. and what better way to kick off no more moping?

a giant no more moping party!

that's right. two people i have never met will be throwing me a giant, no more moping party in Tribeca tomorrow night. knowing me as they don't, there will be food, dancing, free drinks and a large tiered cake of some sort. (i don't know what kind of cake yet. i'm hoping for vanilla with a buttercream frosting. yes. i am a simple girl.)

yesterday, i finished my no more moping party shopping. so now i'm fully prepared.

expensive jewelry?


slinky black dress at the cleaners being delicately drycleaned?

check check.

spa booked for expertly done mani/pedi?

check. check. check.

hot mama shoes?

oh goodness yes. check. check. check. check. check.

i wish i could invite you to my no moping party. but it's kind of an exclusive, invite only event. turns out, this couple are incidentally getting married at the exact same location and time as my party! i know, what a drag.

but i hope you'll whoop it up with me anyway! tomorrow, find something to celebrate and celebrate it hard. maybe celebrating it hard means treating yourself to one more glass of wine at dinner. maybe it means kicking off your shoes and allowing yourself to enjoy a night of tv and takeout guilt-free. whatever it is, let the world throw you a party.

all the better if you're the only person who knows that's what it's doing.


  1. this is a good vow? :) i'll celebrate with you! by going to chinatown to stock up on various weird fruits for dinner...? >.>

  2. As I've stated many a time.... YOU'RE AWESOME! No more moping, 'cause we're going to have a blast tonight!

  3. Those shoes? Are fabulous.