Friday, June 3, 2011

a friday extension

my first ever giveaway for this book:

is supposed to be over...NOW!

but mwah to the ha ha, i just can't bring myself to let it end.

people are looking at my blog! YA Highway posted a link to the contest! i feel like wearing sunglasses inside and drinking my coffee in a fancy martini glass. you know, stuff that famous people do.

so i am extending the contest until monday morning, and then, truly, that's it. if you've already entered, i'm throwing another slip of paper into the hat with your name on it because you played by the rules and i didn't. if you haven't entered, see the rules from Wednesday's post.

good luck everyone! and again, thanks for coming by.

now i must return to basking in the glow of wider recognition, er, i mean writing. back to writing.


  1. ha! I don't blame you ... looking at blogger stats is wicked addicting, particularly when they start climbing! When I did my Sarah Dessen giveaway, I got an extra 100 pageviews a day!

    Still hope I win, though ... I'm DYING to read this bad boy. It's probably my most anticipated book of the year

  2. my next step in this embracing social media campaign is going to be GoodReads. are you signed up already? that's more addictive for the published set, no?

    only two more days and you'll find out if you've won. also another point for you:)

  3. mwaha. you should join GoodReads. it's addictive *corrupts* >.> srsly, I spent like 10 hours straight on it my first night trying to remember every book I've ever read to add...