Friday, July 8, 2011

let the count down begin

one week and it all ends.

no, this isn't another end of the world hoax. i'm talking about Harry Potter. naturally.

now, i'm not the biggest HP freak you'll ever meet. i've read all the books... once. i've seen all the movies... more than once. i'm watched the pottermore trailer...twice. if anyone asks, i say that HP and the Deathly Hallows is a stunning, masterpiece of fiction. and i mean it. but my fandom ends there.

fine, fine, i dream of going to Potterland, but my friends scoffed so hard when i told them, i no longer say it aloud.

HP movies are the only ones i see in theatres anymore. (pathetic, i know. but you see one film in new york and it's the equivalent of having netflix for a year). i wait to see them with my red haired sis -- it's our tradition. and we only get to do this one more time.

the last film. it's pretty momentous. in just one week.

i've heard the last film is short. only a little over 2 hours. i'm imagining it already. sitting in the theatre. the 20 previews end then that music starts up -- you know, that music. even on dvd, it sends shivers up my spine. and then you're off.

do you have your tickets? are you dressing up? will you be seeing the midnight show. my little sister is doing all of the above. so a week from now (plus 24 hours) -- look for pictures here. in fact, take pictures of yourself, send them to me (in a non-spammy way) and i'll post them here too.

it's almost here everyone! and then it's over. forever.

gee. now i'm not sure how i feel about this. is this gonna be one of those wedding blues kind of things? has anyone made a HP support group? is it too late to turn back time? can't we go back to the day of the first book being published?

no? then i guess i'll enjoy savoring the suspense one last time and urge all you other writer's out there, to put on those creativity caps. we need something else to get geeky over.


  1. YAY SO EXCITED. me and the roomie are doing the midnight showing too. and now I have sweet Ravenclaw gear to wear! thanks to HP land (cough you should go cough) ;)

  2. Yay - love it!! Also, I, too, dream of going to "Potterland" at least you can say it to me :o)

  3. haha, i forgot you were a Ravenclaw, E. you've gotta take pictures and send 'em to me! my sis and i are gonna try and do the midnight show thing too, if we can get tix. if not, maybe i'll go look at the people online just for the fun of it.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the pics! I'm not doing the midnight showing (work the next day and little sleep = cranky me) but I'm seeing it on Sunday after brunch with my friends. So excited!