Monday, August 8, 2011

blah monday

there's a heat advisory shaping up this afternoon in NYC. soon we'll all be wallowing in 93 degrees + temps. bringing my coffee cup to my mouth feels like overexertion. and i live in a garden apartment. i can't imagine how the abovers (that's what i call anyone who doesn't walk down steps to get to their front door. actually, no it isn't. that's the first time i ever called them that.) are dealing with this.

oh right. air conditioning.

naturally, my agenda today involves running errands before work. i'll probably leave the house right when the heat advisory goes into effect.

my friend at work last night said i was muy intellegente because i managed to get about 25 pieces of silverware to slide off a dirty plate into the dirty silverware bucket all at once. (glamorous job, ain't it?) i replied a veces. which means: sometimes.

muy intellegente, a veces describes me pretty well, i think.

who'd want to be smart all the time ,anyway? some of the best things can come about from being muy estupido.

* sorry. this was a lame blog post, i know. and i have new followers to try and impress too. but did i mention it's sweltering here? and the most exciting thing on my plate today is going to the post office. oh! and buying garbage bags -- kitchen and recycling. whoot!

so apologies. hopefully i'll be in better form for wednesday. but at least now that bloggings over, i can resume sluggishly eating blue cheese dip straight out of the container -- with my finger.

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  1. Mmmm, blue cheese dip straight out of the container- now that is some sexy living. I hope you can find a way to stay cool. And, it's perfectly fine to have a blah day. I say that to myself everyday to make myself feel better. xoxo