Monday, September 5, 2011


i'm in a bit of a count down. after three years of complaining that i needed a vacation, in two weeks, i'm headed to... SPAIN!

as all my adventures begin, the trip came out of nowhere. a friend and i had been throwing around the idea of travelling together for at least a year. she decided to quit her job. about 2 days later, we'd (nervously) booked our tickets.

we're going for two weeks. we're starting in Barcelona and from there we're going to...

um. i have no idea.

seriously. although my friend will be arriving at my apartment shortly to do a little planning, we're kind of playing it by ear. leaving it up to who we meet, where the wind carries us. all we know for certain is that we'll be eating. a lot. whichever direction we choose. (it's kind of a north vs. south debate.)

that's mainly why we chose Spain. the food. but also partly because my friend and i both (partly) speak Spanish. which is funny, because the more research i do, the more i discover that in parts of Spain they don't actually speak Spanish. hola Catalan.

when i get back, i'm going on a mini family-vaca to Tampa to visit my grandpa and Dot. (yay!)

all told, i'll be gone from work for over three weeks! (over) three blissful weeks of not having to bring anyone anything. of not having to repeat my list of ten thousand word specials. (over) three weeks of not having to point out the restroom that has RESTROOM boldly printed on it.

accordingly, for part of this time, i'll be on a blogging vacation, too. i'm not sure what kind of suitcase to bring (seriously, i'm open to suggestions on this one. except, no i don't own a backpackers pack), but whatever it ends up being, my little laptop will not be taking this trip with me.

i will be looking for YA events to attend while i'm there. helloooo travel tax write-offs? are you out there? oops, i mean, because that's how dedicated i am. and as in my everyday life, i'd love to hear any suggestions of great restaurants, cities, hostels -- you name it -- that any of you might have experienced in your travels there. or in your travels period. because even though my eyes have been craving new sights for a long time, my ears are always open for a great story.


  1. yayyy! and don't worry, the Catalonians all speak Castillian too (as long as you're a foreigner. if you're from Spain they'll pretend they don't, but... ;D)

  2. SO JEALOUS! I spent my junior year of college studying in Madrid and loved it. You have to go there. Other worthwhile places are: Sevilla, Granada and San Sebastian. I kept a journal while I lived there so let me know if you want me to drag it out and recommend some places. :)

  3. How exciting! I would plan to see certain things (not knowing much about Spain, I have no idea that these "things" would be!) But I think you're smart to go for a more free flowing trip. :) Paula