Friday, January 13, 2012

a shred of inspiration

why internet? why?!

all i wanted to do was write a mini blog post on this totally cute vlogger i saw on youtube. i was going to applaud the internet for it's amazing ability to connect us. except now internet is thumbing it's nose at me.

let me back up.

wednesday night. two hours until dance class. i decided to cut the neck off one of my tees. a few youtube seconds later, i'm watching this adorable girl, Cara, demonstrating the best how-to t-shirt reconstruction ever. she looked about twelve years old (though i think she's closer to 21) and there was something about her ease, confidence and quirky spirit that was super inspiring.

it was one of those: why are we worried about the youth of today? we're/they're/everyone is amazing. watching her video made me think about all the times i felt shy or unsure or didn't do something because i was afraid/nervous/whatever. meanwhile, there were people out there like this girl, with her cute tips - money saving and fashion - who was embracing her world while bettering ours.

sure, sure, corrie. blah blah blah. (but seriously, all these thoughts really did go through my head).

fast forward to today. i was going to post the video. show a pic of myself in my newly deconstructed t-shirt. then a video of me dancing in my new t-shirt. and get the heck on with my afternoon. and now? blogger won't let me find her video.


the bonus of this is that in my frustration, as i kept going back to her youtube page. i started clicking on other videos that Cara made. remember my recent post about normal/inspiring people achieving success? Cara joins the ranks. spend some time scrolling around cutewitch772 and you can watch Cara talk about converting to paganism. watch Cara attend the Gay Pride parade in NYC. watch Cara support a national suicide awareness cause by writing love on her arm.

girlfriend is awesome!

so i never could get that first video to upload (though I did hyperlink it up above), but you can see what i mean by watching number four in her series on t-shirt reconstruction basics.

the video is besides the point now. so is my picture of me in my t-shirt, though you know, i did take the picture so i might as well post it...

but more than anything, i gotta say for my Friday long weekend message: Do it, people! Attack this life! put yourself out there. even if you're not making the world a better place for all of us (and our t-shirts, thanks Cara!) you're at the very very least, making it a hell of a lot more interesting.

naturally, blogger also won't let me find the dance video where i'm wearing my new t-shirt. but here's the dance from the week before.

now i need to go break something.

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  1. oooo... now I wanna go get old T-shirts to make cooler! ;D