Thursday, February 16, 2012

learning to be alpha dog

this morning, as i was standing on my couch while my dog growled and bared his teeth at me because i'd come to close to his bone (?) because he was still pissed about the signs of food guarding he displayed a few minutes before (?) i had this thought: i am not a very good alpha dog.

this was further displayed as i threw treats at my dog to get him to back away so i could get off the couch.


in my human interactions i could use a little help with being alpha as well. the other night, someone kept asking me, corrie what do you want? and my first thought was, well, whatever you do is fine with me. weird (or is it sad) as it sounds it's only occurred to me lately, that what i want holds equal importance as what anyone else wants. now, i'm not a total mush. i can be decisive. but my most common reaction when asked what i'd like to have for dinner, see at the movies, where i'd like to go on vacation is: whatever. you pick. it's fine with me.

perhaps it's good that i unknowningly adopted a very sweet dog with massive food aggression issues. maybe i've needed training in how to be more alpha for awhile.

and with that silver lining in place, i shall now email a dog trainer.

chow. i mean, ciao.


  1. I'm glad you're sticking with Mr. AlphaDog. Food agression is really common (and instinctual) but it can be overcome.

    Hang in there, and I bet he'll come around. Old dogs really can learn new tricks :)

  2. thanks, buddy! i just watched 3 hours of the dog whisperer and am like, what am i so terrified about? so he bares his teeth and growls. so what? that's minor bad behavior. feeling better from my reality check, but also from lots of family and friends encouragement (like yours). so thanks again.