Wednesday, February 22, 2012

new beginnings

a pretty damn cool girl i work with took the above photo of her kitty. apparently, said kitten has gotten a little obsessed with the record player. i could look at this photo for hours.

i'm starting to research a new project. i love this part of the writing process. it takes the skeleton of your newbie idea and gives it flesh. furthermore, it requires picking the brain of some really interesting people.

when i researched my last book, i went to strangers for help. for my new novel, i don't have to look much further than my friends list on FB. it's awesome. and while yes, this has more to do with the topic (see how mysterious i'm being about it), it pretty fun to see how professional and mature people of my age set are. who knew i'd ever know someone that's a new media lawyer?

now if only i knew someone who worked in a psych hospital...dun dun dun...

1 comment:

  1. Whoa. I thought that kitty was a statue at first! Good luck and have fun with your research. :)