Wednesday, February 29, 2012

reading is awesome. pass it on.

i probably should have put the picture at the end of this post to build suspence, but guess what book i was given for World Book Night?

yes, omg, you're right! The Book Thief!

i haven't actually read this book (which was partly the reason i chose it) but judging by friend's reviews and the silver medallion on the front cover, it's terrific.

now i have to figure out who i'm giving the books to.

the goal of the project is to spread the love of reading. so i.e. give the books to people who normally wouldn't be reading them. i chose a YA book not only because i write YA, but i wanted to inflict reading on teens. mwahahaha. i have a friend from my dance class who teaches middle school in Brooklyn. i have a feeling her classroom is going to be the recipient. (and she has no idea...mwahahahah). but i'm also going to keep one book back.

want to start a The Book Thief  reading chain with me? since half of the joy of reading comes from sharing a terrific book, i'm going to pass along one copy. we can mark our names in it, then share it with a friend. the only prerequisite is that you must pass it on. and maybe send me a picture of the book with the names marked in it. maybe when the list gets really long, we'll send a picture back to World Book Night. idk. we'll figure out the details when i actually get the books (april 1st).

but in the meantime, i'm taking names. who wants to read it after me?


  1. I have a copy already and read it, and it's fantastic. Happy reading! World Book Night sounds awesome. If this is a yearly thing, I want to sign up next year. :)

  2. I'd love to read it and be your point guard when it reaches upstate NY. Count me in!

  3. Oooo I haven't read this one yet! Count me in! I got The Namesake, which I've read and LOVED. I'm giving out copies to my teacher friends for their classroom libraries.

  4. yay! okay, you're both on the list. I loved the Namesake, too. honestly, i loved 2/3rds of the books they chose for this project (the other 1/3 i hadn't read). who knows maybe we'll be in World Book Night 201_:)

  5. such a good idea! would love to be apart of exchange.

    i got the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian by sherma alexie for world book night (eek, yes, excited!).

  6. Just wanted to chime in that I've read The Book Thief & loved it!


  7. I would like to read it! I have a friend who told me a few years ago that I should read it and would love it, but have not yet. So - perfect! Add me to the list, please.