Friday, March 16, 2012

power up, woman

these edits are murder. considering my subject matter, i'm only half kidding. i was supposed to go in and fix one end chapter and tweak a plot point in the middle. i told my agent i could have the revised manuscript to her on friday. today, my entire manuscript is, while i wouldn't call it "in shreds," i would say heavily, severely frayed.

i've complained and dragged my heels over every revision thus far (my agent loves me, you betcha) but this one is seriously the worst. no for reals this time. i spent all yesterday talking to myself.

corrie, you've been here before. and it'll come to you girl, just be patient, you're so close. and you know these revisions always pay off. and seriously, corrie, stop napping, wake up and write the damn thing already!

around 9:00 last night i went to the gym. i needed to climb some stairs (and apparently watch a tv show about butchering animals). on the way home, i made up a little song that went like this: i can do this. i can do this. i can do this. it doesn't matter how you sing it. it goes to just about any tune.

did i mention i'm in the midst of some kind of massive allergy attack? it's like my brain and nasal cavities are stuffed with styrofoam.

but today i am THINKING POSITIVE. i am TREATING MY WORK LOVINGLY because it only gets one debut and it should be tippy-top perfect. i am AVOIDING ALL MY EMAILS. i am DRINKING COFFEE and FRESH GRAPEFRUIT JUICE. i am USING THE CAPS LOCK BUTTON IN EXCESS.

i'm also taking inspiration from YAK films ("YAK is a production team of young filmmakers dedicated to youth-led multimedia production which provides a voice for resistance and an alternative to played-out mainstream media.") and these two ladies because what it all comes down to is...

I am woman.

I am creative and strong.

And I'm gonna kick this revisions ass...

erm, maybe slightly behind deadline.