Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a picture's worth... and other musings on death

so i had this conversation last night that began upon my return from a ladies room. i told my cohort: "so i want to do a photo series of two things. the first, is of the signs that restaurants and bars post in their bathrooms telling employees to wash their hands." it's such a good indicator of a creativity (or lack there of). and every time i go into a bathroom (hi tiny bladder) i look forward to seeing their sign.

cohort then said, i'd like to do a photo series of hands. which was surprising because i didn't know that wanting to do photo series was a thing, but also, hands?

"wouldn't it be cool to take a picture of people's hands and then, like, have a little pull off bubble that said the story behind the cuts and marks on them? like imagine the hands of the guy who made the brooklyn bridge."

ok. sure. hands of really old people.

i looked around the restaurant and i couldn't help being more intrigued by the hands of those people. not people who had built historic bridges, because i'm sure Ken Burns has already unearthed the stories behind those hands, but that chic's hands over there. the regular every day - i got bit by a cat in the fifth grade and I sliced my finger open polishing a dessert wine glass at work - stories.

those were the stories that no one would ever know. those were the stories that would be lost with time.

at this point, the cohort asked, "Do you spend a lot of time thinking about death?" shortly thereafter, we got the check and split.

what are the secrets that your hands say about you? at the moment, other than my cut by glass scar, mine are shouting: take off that chipped gold nail polish already because contrary to what you'd like to believe, chipped nail polish does not look cool, just lazy.

bathroom signs. hands. cohorts. overall, i like my second photo series idea better: dogs waiting for their owners outside of stores.

these pictures are the story. no further explanation require.

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  1. I always feel bad for dogs waiting for their owners outside of stores. Once, I saw a dog outside of a restaurant in the POURING rain! And his owner was inside taking his sweet time eating lunch. Not cool...