Saturday, June 22, 2013

synced in

you'd have to be a robot, not to sing or dance a little while working at a nightclub. i mean, the whole purpose of my work environment is to get people moving. so yes, i'm monitoring the bartender's pours, convincing customers their drink is not too weak, so therefore, no, i will not add a free shot to it, and sniffing down the trail of that funky smelling smoke, all while shaking it.

go ahead, try and have a serious discussion with the diva who can't possibly buy her ric-dic priced bottle of liquor unless she's seated on the (closed) mezzanine level above everyone else, while Jay-Z is balling so hard in the background. try doing that without bouncing your shoulders.

i understand you're doot do doot do doot do doot..but this is the best table on this floor...ball so hard....and if the mezz does open you'll have the best table up there.... do doot do, hookahs aren't included in that pricing....ball so hard this sh*t have some velvet rope to section you off from everyone else.

better? good.

i work in a pretty pop oriented club. even on the reggae nights, we hear a lot of the same tunes. it goes without saying, some djs are better than others. you can tell the gifted ones when all the crowd is dancing, jumping, singing along, one song cutting to the next in quick ten second bursts. those are the special djs. and that energy can't help but infuse you.

every night i got to bed with one song or another stuck in my head. it's there when i wake up, too. it's with me in the shower. on the subway. while i'm trying to write (but end up blogging about addictive songs instead). the brain crack of this week is Ke$ha's Die Young. go ahead, kiddies, have a listen. get a little. it's good for you.

suffice it to say, i've heard Juicy J's Bandz a Make Her Dance ALOT. it's not my favorite, but it's one of those songs that puts you in a trance like state. i have no idea what the lyrics are, but i'll void checks, call for drink specials, wipe up the bar all with a side to side jerking motion accompanying that beat. hello, i'm the dancing GM. it just can't be helped.

so it was kind of perfect last night, when one of my bartenders showed me the below video. Stephanie Tanner, i get you. the moves are yours, but you can't help syncing them to that damn soundtrack.

do doot. do doot. 
what? where was i?
do doot. do doot. 
oh right. trying to write a novel. 
ball so hard.
maybe just one more listen.

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