Wednesday, November 6, 2013

days of goodness

* WARNING *  what follows is a non-linear post about today being a good day

so i'm moving.

after years of complaining about my teeny tiny wonderful little hobbit hole apartment, i'm moving to a second floor! windows, sunlight, view of the garden (not the wall surrounding it) will in a little over a week all be mine (ours).

it's a big step. one that came about rather quickly (one of my bff's is renting the space and lives right below) and immediately met with a wall of: what did we do?! not to get too into the specifics of my insane, anxiety driven thought process, but we're basically trading one up-and-coming neighborhood for another and paying more to do so. 

to get more excited, other than snapping juvenile photos of the place i might soon be ordering Chinese from (or rather, where i won't be ordering Chinese from):

huh. huh. you said kowk.

i've begun following the neighborhood blogs in my new 'hood.

sample from my current neighborhood's blog: Olivier Bistro is a Date Night Gem.

sample from my new neighborhood's blog: A Suspect Being Chased by Police Was Shot Saturday 

woot! but already the change is doing me wonders. today after some productive writing, i spent time talking to my boo's colleague about a business idea between the three of us that is specifically driven by the move. then my new landlord (ie best girl's hubby) called me about upgrading our new apartments fridge. then i received an awesomely thoughtful email directing me to a terrific YA reading in the city held here:

THEN for the first time at this reading, i didn't see all the ways my work didn't belong alongside the other authors, but how it did. it felt a little like i might be up there soon, too.

and then i came home and ate too much pasta and was displeased with my food belly and possibly dyed my hair bright red. (it's still wet, so we'll see what we get. it's supposed to be blonde.) but i digress.

i simply wanted to say that today was a good day. the last few have all been, actually.

on Thursday, for the first time in my life i created a halloween costume that didn't suck. and then i worked up the nerve to actually wear it out of the house even though it involved a cape and a cardboard chest plate covered in bottle caps. three different groups of people asked to take their picture with me.

i was Thor-rie, get it? Thorrie.
'cause we have the same hair.

and then a few days later it was my favorite day in NYC. Marathon Sunday. i've caught it every year as it runs right along the bottom of my (soon to be former) street. people ring cow bells and everyone is clapping and the runners are exhausted/exulted and you can't help cry a little witnessing it. i'm a terrible photographer, but there's a florescent green sign hanging across the road that says SMILE. how could you not? the marathon is everything that's great about humanity.

see the guy in red with his arms raised? THAT's the marathon

and then i voted and although, sorry Corrie, they will build lots of Vegas style casinos in NY state, I got a sticker for my efforts anyway and despite it being attached to the sleeve of my coat last night i somehow woke with it stuck to my bare arm this morning.

 and did i mention i'm working on two, count them two! writing projects that i'm a little in love with and someone really cool is reading my work and.... well that's all i've got right now.

but i had to say thank you and also woohoo because good days should be celebrated, damnit, whenever you're lucky enough to stumble on one. even if they make for non-linear, oouu look at me style blog posts. and i can't  help thinking, regardless of the fact that Police Are Looking for Community Help in Locating the Suspects in Neighborhood Burglaries, that maybe with this leap of faith, neighborhood ,and rent that will to take place in a week when two punk rockers carry out all our furniture, good days are the reward of change.
or maybe they're like watching the NYC marathon in person. they're a reward of life.

either way, thank you thank you.

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  1. Enjoy the new digs, and keep posting on your blog!