Monday, December 23, 2013

happiness with a side of wings

it's useless. there will be no work done today.

gimme a productive two to three weeks and i should have another manuscript finished. woot! yet every time i look at the Word doc, the thoughts in my brain go like this... hmm, i should swap that paragraph for this one and... blargh!! what's on Instagram?! is it time for lunch?! who's outside? is that FedEx truck for me? i'll text my mom. i'll text my sister. i'll text my friend. maybe i'll bake a cake. is it time to stop the ruse and lose the entire rest of my day to watching Parks&Rec, no? ahhh it's almost Christmas!
i've begun this blog ten different times trying to land on the theme...

so i've run into a funny blogger conundrum. what do you blog about when you're happy? 

so i dyed my hair yellow. no that's right, not blonde, yellow.  

so, remember how i moved?

so what normal adult starts all her sentences with so anyway?

what do you think, ODB mural? this calls for a photo blog, no?

ODB mural says hells yes!

so Bed Stuy. i moved here.

do i understand why the Christmas lights over the streets say Welcome to Bed Stuy Bid? no, i do not. what is a Bid? a new word for neighborhood? block? does it mean actual bid and is simply missing a comma, like, Welcome to Bed Stuy, bid. It's all for sale! or is it simply not so sly marketing by the Business Improvement District peoples?

uh, yeah. that's the one.

but oh Bed Stuy I love you. truly.

i love your giant murals and bodega Ben & Jerry's that only costs $4.50 and not $5 to $7 like in park slope. i love hearing Muslim prayers through my open windows. i love that most of the Chinese food places aren't on seamless and don't deliver (okay, i hate that). but i do love that ALL of the Chinese food places serve fried chicken. so that alongside my takeout dumplings there now will permanently be fried wings and french fries. that's right. ranch dressing is on the table during Chinese takeout dinner hour.

do i love the ten pounds i will gain living here? no!

will that stop me from feasting? also most likely no because most of all, other than all of the sunlight streaming in through my windows (who knew sunlight does (greatly) improve one's mood) i love the realization that i've lived my whole life and never eaten Trinidadian food. an error i shall now correct at least once a week.

this is a Double.

err yeah, this picture does and does not do it justice.

definition: a "Double" is made from some kind of fried Indian-esque bread with some kind of chickpea filling. (fine. it's made with Bara filled with Chana. anyone can Wiki, but what fun is that?)

the most recent one I had (above) was smothered in a sweet and hot HOT hot hot sauce that nearly melted my face off. yet i could not stop eating it.

Doubles cost $1.50 a piece. they will hold you over for a solid eight hours.

now, meet a Fry Bake.

Definition: a Fry Bake is made of doughy fried bread that's filled with some kind of fish or other filling. i've had it with cabbage, mayo, and salt cod that kind of makes it taste like a Mickey D's fish filet. this one had tiny specks of habanero in it. so it only gave one the subtle sweats. huh. is this spicy? why are my eyebrows sweating? all for only $3.

and you know what else, i love about Bed Stuy?


my new favorite ornament. it's a horse!
maybe it's just the fact of my boo (yes, that's it) but for the first time in ever Christmas is fun! yes, as a non-religious person, i still don't see the point of it. but i'll admit, when you have lots of good gift ideas, and apparently this year even when you don't, it's awesome buying presents for people. is that the whole point of this secular version of Christmas? a month spent plotting how to best shower love and thoughtfulness on your favorite people?  if so, i get it now. and even more than that, i'm okay with it. no. i'm great with it.

[and to all the people who spend part of their holidays volunteering and showering thoughtfulness on others less fortunate than themselves, thank you. and apologies for being self-absorbed this year, and most other years, too.]
so Happy New Year! i hope 2014 brings us all so much happiness that we haven't a single worthwhile thing to blog about. and for those that it applies to, Merry Christmas! go forth and shower your loved ones with gifts they might have to return because the sizing is all wrong. 

or better yet, just shower them with love. nobody gets offended when you return love.

and that being said, to all, i Bed Stuy Bid you, good night.

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