Thursday, February 5, 2015

sheep meets horse

i've been struggling with my blog for a year or two now.

at Ya'll Fest 2014 one of the panel authors casually remarked that, "well, we all know blogging is over" and i nearly stood up and cheered.

while i'm amazed at the fact that i used to blog three times a week(!), and i adore the people that read those posts, and i'm proud of the posts and grateful for the snapshot of my NYC life that they now weirdly, nostalgically, serve to provide, i also happen to be one of those people.

one of those - no you can't have my phone number. why do i have to give my email to buy a sweater? i don't wanna create yet another account - privacy spooks.

last week i paid a bill online, and i swear i heard angels sing. (except, excuse me, every time i put something in the mailbox i know i'm helping ensure a human a job for at least a little bit longer. also, stamps aren't hackable, the only personal information they share is contained inside the envelope they're affixed to, and, well, they're pretty.)

so what to do you with privacy phobias (they're so bad, it kind of inspired my latest novel) when succeeding at your chosen profession requires you to not only embrace, but hog every single last ray of that social media limelight?

like any mature adult you ignore the issue entirely, it weighs on your mind, and then your dad sends a friendly email that says, hey kiddo! where's the blog? and you figure it's time to address it.


while i continue to ponder all these emotions (and wait to discuss them with my agent extraordinaire), i'll do this in the meantime: if you want to know what's going on in my life RIGHT NOW, you can always follow my Instagram @corriegram. and even though it's a lil creepy to know that you'll be looking - chill, Corrie, we're all friends here. or are we?? dun dun dun - there you'll find photos of the doggie i'm fostering:

hi. i'm rosie.

the food truck i'm starting:

it's chirashi betch!

and the mind-blowingly gorgeous new city that i'm living in:

what, you say? there are fishing boats, palms trees
AND a pelican in this picture? but it's all too tiny to see?

so you'll add this picture, too,
because it's just obviously pretty? okay, fine.

even if i'm still a Brooklyn girl at heart:

don't you mean beast at heart?

i'm also going to two-for this post and attach the draft of a blog i wrote but never published almost a year ago.

(wait. we just read this post and now you're going to make us read another post? yup.)

as Chinese New Year approaches - what up, Year of the Sheep - i thought it might be nice to look back to when i was excited about it just turning Year of the Horse. i never published the post because i didn't want to share so much, but now reading that post a year later? i feel almost sheepish about it.

and that, young'ins, is how you work in a lil Chinese New Year pun.

and without further ado...

Year of the Horse

March 13, 2014

so a funny thing is happening to me and i'm not sure how to deal with it. i hate to even mention it because i'm not sure if i'm allowed to admit it. but my life right now...?

is excellent.

nonono, please don't stop reading. this won't be an annoying post. i've had lunches with that friend who can only gush about how GREAT she is. i know nobody likes her. so let me just quickly say, i'm in a little bit of shock because for the first time in my adult life, things are really good.

not that they've ever been bad. even during the 'eh' parts i've tried to keep perspective on how lucky i am. i am blessed. i have the best family and friends. (i know everyone says that, but mine are). and nobody who lands themselves in a restaurant job that they like can complain too much. i mean, while i've been wrangling a professional writing career into shape i was allowed to go to a place that in exchange for running my tail feathers off fed me dinner, gave me booze, more nicknames than i care to admit, and a collection of rabble rousing friends i adore. so yeah, fine arts majors. have no fear. restaurants are a great place to work while you get everything else sorted out. no, seriously. i highly recommend it.

but all that being said, for the last few years there have been lonely parts, and reaaally frustrating parts, and lots of defeats, and a to my core certainty that i would never accomplish what i wanted to professionally, and oh yeah, also? an additional certainty that i would never truly fall in love.

and then? i made changes. i moved on from a job that had become mind numbing. i moved on from a relationship that had become mind-searing. and most recently, i moved on from a professional relationship that had been wonderful but unfruitful.

suffice it to say, all these changes helped. and though i won't harp on all the excellence that has ensued, i do think it needs to be said that struggles get rewarded. great love can be found. and out of the muck sometimes a path emerges that perhaps, maybe, fingers all crossed, leads to exactly where you'd like to be professionally.

so hey! you there. that's right, you! don't be so worried. just a little over a year ago, my life looked completely un-excellent. now another new year is approaching. and who knows. this could be your excellent year, too.

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