Tuesday, November 23, 2010

party game or how to annoy friends and family this thanksgiving

my pal introduced me to this fella at a show we went to" fella and i chatted, talked books, and neither was the worse for wear from it. best that could be hoped for when meeting a guy in a bar? no! it gets better.

his opening line (sorry fella, but it was) is my favorite new party/bored at work game. the fella told me that he read about this game in a psychology book and that it was a fairly accurate indicator about a person's personality. i've been inflicting it on my friends ever since, because if stranger in a bar says so, then it must be true!

remember, there is no right or wrong answer. say the first thing you imagine and get ready to have your soul exposed.

first picture a desert... got it?

now picture a cube in the desert. how big is the cube and what is it made of?

okay, now imagine a ladder... where is it in relation to the cube and what's it made of?

lastly picture a horse. what does it look like, what's it doing, and again, where is it in relation to the cube.

okay. done.

the cube is supposed to represent you. the size of it represents your ego. what it's made of is up to you to interpret. the ladder represents your friends and family. what it's made of and location is up for your interpretation. the horse represents your relationship. again, interpret at will.

how insightful was yours? mine was pretty cool. be warned, this game can get a little awkward. case in point, a friend at work wouldn't stop going on about how boring and ordinary the horse was.

"well, what's the horse doing?" i probed.

"nothing," he responded with a shrug. "it's just standing there."

after i told him what it all meant, we giggled about it for the rest of the night. for the record his horse is quite lovely and exciting. if i haven't played with you already, i'd love to read your answers in the comments section.

have a great thanksgiving all. eat some extra stuffing for me!


  1. Cube: small, red, plastic
    Ladder: wooden, lying next to cube
    Horse: Brown, standing next to ladder and cube

    Have a great thanksgiving!

  2. Cube:small, blue, made of ice (yikes, is that really me?)
    Ladder: wooden ladder painted red, leaning against cube
    Horse: Black, standing next to cube and ladder

  3. i equate ice with being a nurturing/nourishing personality. you are in a desert after all. you're life saving, babe!

  4. Hilarious !!!!

    desert: strawberry shortcake
    cube: ice cube in the center of the cake
    ladder: wooden resting against cube
    horse: white, standing next to the cube licking it, sweet !!!

  5. Cube made of glass, blue tinted, life sized i guess...
    Ladder, wooden, leaning on the cube.
    Horse...standing next to the cube and ladder, twitching its tail i guess..
    Does that make me a bad person???

  6. bad person, no way! ladder leaning on cube means that you support your family and friends. Horse standing right next to cube is a good thing as a close proximity means that you are close/intimate with the person you're in a relationship with. So maybe you have a big ego, that's actually refreshing to hear :)

  7. I think that as soon as I have time I'm gonna draw it, it sounds like a very interesting vision. help me