Wednesday, December 29, 2010

one by one

people in brooklyn have been walking single file the last few days. snow is piled high, streets still aren't plowed, and going to work feels like playing dig dug as people weave through the little paths that shop and home owners have made. it's orderly, polite, and really fun.

everyone has stories of how many hours it took them to get home from work the night of the storm. we one up each other with how many stuck buses we've seen. and if you live anywhere near coney island, it takes travel ingenuity usually seen only in amazonian peoples to figure out how to get, well, anywhere.

amidst all of this, i'm packing to go home! wrapping presents, doing last minute (past minute) shopping. in less than 24 hours i'll be braving the thruway with my upstairs housemate. i can't wait.

while i'm at home resting, the blog will be resting, too. i've got big plans for the new year though, so check back in shortly after. i'm working on the second "ending the shoulds" video, which has resulted in a lot of extra footage that i know you'll enjoy as well. also in store, more hip hop (oh boy), and bi-lingual author videos (oh no).

thank you everyone for all the support in helping me kick off this blog. 2011 is going to be phenomenal. i can't wait to experience it with all of you!

mucho besos until then.


  1. I was wondering how the hell you were going to get out of there to get to B-Lo. Happy New year! Also, have you read The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson? I'm in the middle of it - cool book.

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  2. happy new year!

    i haven't read The Devil in etc, but my mom really liked it. if it's here i'll bring it back with me and give it a whirl. i need to update my list to the right because i got a few at the library before i left and they're pretty good.

    it's great to be here! ahhhh.

  3. By the way, no photo of Dave's house - unfortunately that heavy snowfall early in December covered up most of his lawn crap so the display is disappointing compared to years past. :(