Monday, December 6, 2010

write back 'atcha

every YA writer seems to have a blog. which is funny considering we spend most of our time shut up in studies, basements, libraries, or (days you're really feeling like a socially unfit golem if you don't see sunlight and change out of your sweatpants right now) coffee shops. who knew we had so much to daily say?

we blog so that teens can find us, yet half of the comments on these blogs are clearly from other writers. if they’re anything like me, their blog was probably this year’s biggest blessing in disguise. yes, hours will still (always) be spent home alone, writing. but now there’s a place to express worries, ask questions, and write something that doesn’t need years of edits or approval of others to publish. (my agent is smacking her head as she reads this. no duh, corrie!). 

that is, however, a lot of writing about writing.

yesterday, after i stumbled upon another writer's blog, i realized i hadn't written a single informative word, well, of any kind, but especially none having to do with my craft. it’s the same reason i never dated a writer. i love to geek out and read what people have to say about writing the same way i like to write -- alone. i don't want to freakin' talk about it. 

so then what do i blog about?

hip-hop class, naturally.

why is that important? muchas cosas:

A. veterans and newcomers alike will agree on this: NYC can be a hard place to live. it's noisy, crowded, and you live with the constant, sneaking suspicion that there’s thousands of things going on that are way better than the current thing you’re actually doing.

the first hip-hop class i took killed 90 percent of my anxiety in the first hour. since then, it's erased the other 7 percent. (i've come to terms with the fact that i'll always have at least 3 percent of anxiety coursing through my veins at any given moment).

B. as a writer, your story is only as good as your minor characters and settings. life’s the same way.

last week i brought a friend to class and she looked at me like i was crazy saying hello to everyone. but this is my community. i hip to the hop not only because of the endorphin rush, but because i feel the richness of life in the two minute conversations i have with the other regular attendees. my permanent friendships have made NYC livable, but it’s these smaller ones that make me feel like i not only can survive here, but like i belong here.

C. one of my favorite things about being an adult is that i'm no longer afraid of being bad at things. i can’t do the snake for the life of me. as you see in the video, my body doesn’t move that way. also, my feet are usually doing something different than everyone else’s, and that’s okay! most of what i love doing in my life started out as something I didn’t like and found really difficult.

D. my teacher, Nicole Holst (in the video she's the cutie with the curly hair ), creates a new hip-hop routine every freakin' week! what’s more inspiring than that?

E. hip-hop is fun and a lil’ fun is important to put out into the world, too.

in the future, hip-hop videos will probably make their way into this blog with greater frequency than sage writing advice. lo siento, but it’s better for all of us. if you’re a writer reading this, I’ll betcha your brain needs a break. and if you’re not, then this is way more fun than reading about writing.
now let’s dance!


  1. love the post. you hooked me at T/G...when can i come!

  2. Awesome moves! Gotta show them off more often.

  3. haha, yeah, dancing with stars here i come:)