Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a writing wednesday

don't get too excited (yet). this is a fake book cover that my friend Rich Franconeri made for me. isn’t it beautiful?

it's cold and rainy in brooklyn today. there's no food in my fridge and my furnace only occasionally remembers what it's wintertime purpose is.

yesterday, i discovered that the title i was going to use for the  second book in my Parted series is already being used by an author who's currently writing the second book in her dystopian series. damn. goodbye Crossed.  now i need to find another word that is capable of these triple meanings – crossed a river, crossed as double crossed, crossed as genetically crossed. Traversed and Spanned just doesn't cut it. any ideas?

i gotta get back to writing now. and by back to writing we all realize i mean stare blissfully at my fake book cover for the next ten minutes? yes? good.


  1. Only word I can think of is Marked (marked for death, genetic marker, marked trail...) Probed just sounds gross. Linked?

  2. Hm. Marked. I kinda really like it for the title of book three. Bridged?

  3. Instead of bridged, maybe bound? Bind can connect two places as bridge would but I don't know if it resembles crossed. And to bind someone- could mean to restrict or doom someone- but I don't know if you could squeeze a double crossed translation out of it. Isn't there something going on with genetic binding? Sorry. This is all I've got. Love the fake book cover!

  4. Here is a list of ambiguous words to ponder for your title, pardon me in advance if some or all of these do not depict the plot of the book, reach too far to metaphorically describe genetics, or don't pinpoint the ambience of the character's heads, not to mention are already prominent or nigh titles elsewhere :
    assumed, twisted, melted, stranded, penetrated, slipped, tainted, strained, chained, stilted, steeped, wilted, lilted, conflicted, checked, slated, fated, steeped, culled, isolated, forged, tempered, contagious (not sure if you wanted to stay in the participles)...

    Hope this helps...these word games are right in my wheelhouse. A co-worker asked me to comment on a photo of Ani DiFranco once, and to be polite, I had to come up with a non-committal, totally ambiguous word like 'interesting' or 'provoking' in order to not put her off if she was really a big fan...sitcoms use those words all the time. I had a list of about 60 non-committal words that can be both positive and negative, but I lost the list. I like using those words to describe my mom's cooking. "How was dinner, Billy?" "Oh, mom, it was unforgettable..." :^)

  5. Love the cover.

    Tell her she needs to change her title - yours is too good.