Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i resolve... to dump your ass!

maybe it has to do with the new year. in fact, i think there's a Facebook study floating around that backs this up, but boy, it's all about the break-up around here.

ugh. is there anything more miserable? the feelings of loss, loneliness, what ifs and, conversly, if onlys, not to mention the at times near homicidal rage?

a few days into the new year, my gal pal put the kabosh on her three-yearer. the relationship had been slogging along for a while and she felt liberated and proud that she had the guts to call it quits. then over drinks the following night a close friend asked what my gal pal thought if she (close friend) were to make-out with the ex in the near future, hinting that said make-out was likely to happen sooner than later.


there went all feelings of control and strength. enter the searing rage and crying while biking into work phase.

it's been a few days now and my friend is recooping nicely (though she is counting one less among her circle of friends), but there's nothing worse than seeing someone else in all those very familiar emotions. actually, scratch that. it's way worse being in those familiar emotions.

a while back, i was off again with an on again off again flame. i knew i'd be seeing him one night and was debating whether to wear the earrings that he had recently given me. i thought if i wore them i'd be subliminally saying i was still into him which i didn't want to imply because this time we were over over. yet not wearing them felt like an unnecessary slap. after all, we hadn't parted on bad terms and i wore the earrings every single day.

i texted my mom for an opinion.

yes, she wrote back, i'd wear them, even just to show you appreciated the gift.

i put the earrings on, thought better of it and texted one of my best buds.

not sure i have good advice, she wrote, as i don't have a positive outlook on him as a boyfriend. just cause i luv ya.

ouch. i took the earrings off. then as a tie-breaker, i texted my dilemma to a third friend who was in a similar on again off again relationship.

huh? she wrote back.

exactly. what had i come too, that i thought or cared about the hidden meanings behind my ear accessories? break-up levels, that's what i had come to.

so lets hear them in the comments. i want your worst break-up stories, and then because the opposite side of the tunnel is always well lit, or as my gal pal was told at work: hay muchos pescados en la sea, i also wanna hear something good that came out of the breakup.

and in the spirit of bad break-ups, an ode to my gal pal, here's this:


  1. I once dated a guy who lived down the hall from me. Bad idea - after several (post break up) encounters filled with awkward silence and blame, I actually moved out of the building entirely.

    On the plus side - i got my own place and five cats who love me unconditionally.

  2. you should buy yourself a really nice pair of earrings.

  3. I don't have a bad breakup story. But I want to say that other girl (the "how would you feel if I hooked up with him" girl) is an asshole. Really? After a THREE year relationship, you ask that of her days/weeks later? Bitch, please. Oooh - I just got a name for her from the security thing: Scrosmon!