Friday, January 14, 2011

no longer tied at 23

with this post, i officially outblogged my last blogging attempt.

that's right, i blogged before. i had two followers and that blog was also inspired by my work. my other work. the one that pays.

curious? i will hold you in suspense no more....

photos of staff meal! what a cool idea, right?

but here's the thing about blogging about food....i ate it before i remembered to take a picture. also i wasn't as technologically advanced back then, and posting a picture meant plugging in my phone to my computer and then trying to remember how to transfer pictures off it. the whole process took me over an hour (unlike this blog which only takes me 20 hours per post.)

had i only realized i could simply email myself the photo from my phone, perhaps there'd be 123 staff meal posts. but alas.

all this, mixed in with only two followers (in the blog's defense i never promoted it as i didn't want to get in trouble. not that i would, as my bosses are fab and it was a blog of affection and appreciation, but still... it felt very james bondian taking those pictures. which i just ruined by opening my giant yap.).

anyway, two followers mixed in with my food quantity issues, as in: will there be enough food for me to get a second plate? possibly not (there always was). damn it, i'm taking pictures while jose's getting a second helping. now i have to eat even faster so i can quickly get seconds then thirds -- yes, i have issues -- and the blog fell by the wayside.

looking at it now with its sexy photos on black background, i miss it.

the pictures are terrible quality, but the memory of all those meals is great. i had visions of getting into other kitchens in the city and photographing their staff meals. i even sent out facebook messages asking for my friends to send me pics. but alas alas it turns out NOBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD CARES THIS MUCH ABOUT WHAT THEY EAT AT FAMILY MEAL.

23 posts later was no more.

or is it?

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  1. hehe that looks so yummy! I tried to keep a food blog when i traveled but i forgot to take pictures before eating too :P