Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(not really) all grown up

in an effort to meet real life writers (instead of just reading about them on their blogs or twitter) i've signed up to go to a writers conference this weekend.

i've never been to one before, and even though registration is at 8 in the morning, which means i have to get up at like 6! for two days in a row! (am i getting no sympathy from you 9 to 5ers out there? yes? none? good.) which also means i won't be forming coherent sentences until after the conference is over, i can't wait to see who i meet.

in preparation. i made myself business cards.

as anyone who knew me back when knows, i used to do graphic design. it's been years, but i still like simple clean designs and since all i need on my card is my name -- it's like a game of how many corriewachobs i can have on one surface -- i opted for a basic text only card.

the whole theme of this blog was going to be: look how grown-up i've become. i've reached the point in my life where i actually merit a business card (i know, again, you 9 to 5ers are sheesh-ing me).

but then i posted the card and this happened:

originally i was going to make fun of these things about my business card: a. i didn't realize quite how dirty "her twit" reads until a friend said, "her twit, huh?" oops.

and b. in my efforts to not say her email, which looks like here mail when it's mushed together (i left out spaces between words because the font makes HUGE spaces and i didn't know how to adjust kerning in photoshop) i went with her@gmail, thinking it was pretty self explanatory. i have a gmail account. here's my @gmail name. the first person who looked at my card said, "huh? her@gmail? what's that mean?" sigh.

that was the original intention. but then! in an effort to save my privacy (not from you guys, but from others) and not knowing how to find a plain old black line in my online photo editing software to ink out my email address, i opted to use a mustache instead.

and then, my whole blog post which was originally intended to be about how grown up i'd become, degenerated into me putting mustaches on other pictures.

 on me:

Obviously, since i'm a natural blonde, i have a lighter mustache.

on the Christmas tree in Grand Army Plaza

on this little dude that someone made in a sink at work with a blob of panna cotta and berries

i know, fake mustaches are so last year. or was it two years ago? but yes i giggled all morning doing this and yes, after i stop writing this blog i'll probably go add more fake mustaches to photos instead of doing real work, like um, writing.

but there you have it. my business card -- all 200 copies of it -- says her twit on it and i'm still amused by mustaches.

manythings corrie wachob, indeed. 

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  1. Everyone should be more forthcoming about their twits. Your card rocks - no one will look at it and not remember a thing about you. And who didn't get the @gmail - seriously.