Monday, January 24, 2011

rah rah sis boom HA!

something great happened yesterday. the Jets lost!

i know. what kind of New Yorker am i that i'm rooting against the home team?

i'm in the restaurant industry kind of New Yorker. and we all know, there's nothing like a big play-off game, big rivalry game, big division showdown game, or whatever other versions of this team against a New York team game to kill a night's income. it's bad enough we have to contend with Yankee fever for 290 days of the year, but must we also have the Oscars, the Golden Globes (though I'm not really sure we felt that one), Presidential addresses, and blizzards this winter as well?

the last thing we needed was a Jets superbowl.

stats aside, i had a premonition the Jets were going down earlier in the afternoon when my hip hop teacher had us dance to the Steelers theme song: (she hadn't realized that the chorus black and yellow, black and yellow, referred to Pittsburgh until after she choreographed it).

smaller payday aside, in retrospect, yesterday was a pretty good day. the Jets lost and even though i worked, i still partook in the best part of a football party -- the food! when i got home last night, my upstairs housemate's Jets party was in mid-swing and i ate chicken wings and artichoke dip for two hours straight (not an exaggeration).

i'm sorry NYC sports fans. i know how it feels to come close to victory only to walk away with a big fat second place. i'm from Buffalo, remember? but come on, a girls gotta earn a living and didn't the Giants win in '08? that's pretty much the same thing, right?

besides, it's only football. it's not like it's hockey.

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  1. The Giants winning is not the same thing. I grew up in a Jets family, but am not much a football fan. But I can tell you, it is certainly not the same. If the Mets won the World Series I would be absolutely pissed off... Unless they were playing the Red Sox, then I would at least accept that as better than nothing.