Monday, February 28, 2011

dreaming of appliances

when my laundry bag gets bigger than me, it's time to go to the laundrymat.

which i was going to get up early to do, but i was busy.

sleeping, people. i was busy sleeping. sheesh.

opening my front door further confirmed it.

This picture is supposed to depict rain. Not general miserablness. I won't argue with either interpretation.

i wasn't going anywhere. lucky, for me, i have a washing machine in my house.

also lucky for me, i only ever wear my work shirt. no wait, that's a not lucky for me thing.


oh well. happy monday!


  1. At least your sink is shiny and clean looking (or is that your toilet you are washing your shirt in?). Ours is old and rusty and looks like someone puked in it.

  2. haha.. my sink is so tiny, it has no choice but to be clean and shiny. oddly, it's my toilet that looks like it's been puked in. or not oddly. but either way, um, ew. i need to go clean.