Friday, February 25, 2011


in april, i'll have lived in my apartment for 2 years. goodness has it been that long?

right from the start i never intended to stay long. it was temporary, so i never settled-in. i didn't decorate. i bought a bare minimum of furniture, so that i wouldn't have that much to move. where i was planning to move to, i have no idea. but i was resolute.

for two years, i've felt unsettled. what did i expect? i had a home that wasn't. similarly, a job that wasn't. and resultantly a life that wasn't. my current situation was one that just needed to be endured.

excuse my french, but it's been a shitty way to live.

yesterday, i made and hung drapes in my bedroom. or as seen from the picture above, back in the 70's i made and hung drapes in my bedroom. i'm also on the hunt for a small bookshelf or chest of drawers. (anyone?) maybe even a new couch.

i still tell myself that i won't always be living a subterranean existance. and i definately won't be working in a restaurant forever. but in the meantime, this is my home. this is my life. and it's way overdue for me to let it start feeling like one.

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  1. Good for you, Corrie. You can do about anything you want with your life. So make it comfortable and loving where you are, and move yourself to anywhere you'd rather be whenever you want to.