Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a loopy dayneswed

whew! it's that kind of day today. in a good way.

i have a best friend coming into town tomorrow which means today will be spent running, cleaning, laundrying, cheese shopping, etc.

part of it will also be spent at my first ever writing crit group. yay! even though i've been writing for a while now, i've never had my work critiqued among peers like this. it's a little terrifying, but also thouroughly exciting. though i dreaded going to, and dreaded while being there, that writer's conference, it now stands out in my mind as this incredible experience. partly, i think, because it was a new experience. so i'm really looking forward to tonight.

then it's hip hop, bread making, vietnemese sandwhich buying (a girl's gotta eat and i'm addicted). then the following morning my friend comes into town and the whirlwind really starts.

considering this past weekend though, that's nothing.

my restaurant was a factory of love and romance-making this weekend. i've worked valentine's day years past, but it never quite seemed so cattle-like. sorry all, i mean that in an entirely affectionate way -- because beyond reason and more than any other holiday (expect thanksgiving) i LOVE valentines day. the romance. the red and pink. the chocolate. but having worked it, i don't think i'll ever eat out on valentines day again.

in. sit. eat. gaze fondly. pay check. leave. in. sit. moo.

by last night, i wasn't sure i'd ever be able to smile let alone say chichetti (venetian style tapas) again. near the end of the night, preparing to special the gelatto and sorbet flavors -- there are six all together -- i sputtered out: "Butter!"

i'm still not sure why.

so butter and see you friday.

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