Friday, February 18, 2011

par-tay day

so i'm planning a little party tonight. or rather, i've been dragging my feet and now the party i wanted to plan is tonight.

here's what i have in way of party supplies:


here's what i don't have: every single other item required to throw a party. oops.

i'm usually more organized than this. but the 'where' of the party wasn't even decided until two days ago (thank you, indecisive corrie). and though i wouldn't say i'm now scrambling, if anyone has a great tequila punch recipe in their back pocket, i'll indebtedly swap you my crab dip recipe. it's a family favorite.

20 to 30 people are coming over in ten hours? i'm not worried. it'll come together. sometimes the best parties are the inpromptu ones, right? besides that, parties are supposed to be fun, social, messy, silly events right? well, most of the people i invited fit at least 3 out of those 4 descriptors, so what can go wrong? right? (please, please say yes).

regardless, a party there will be. merengue dancing there will be. and no party can be bad when there's merengue dancing.

right?! :)

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