Monday, February 21, 2011

this blog will eventually be interesting and uplifting again, but today it's just about recapping the party

tiny blurry picture, but someone (ahem me!) forgot to document having so many of her favorite people all in one room.

a success!

it is my new theory that you can tell how good a party is by the stories that people have from after they leave the party.

here are the best ones:

1. a good friend, who had been hanging out with the spanish speaking contingent at the party, leaves party feeling sentimental and nostalgic. as he walks home, he puts on his ipod and indulges his emotions by listening to nostalgic and sentimental italian songs from his childhood. (good friend is italian) 20 minutes later, he stands in front of his apartment building, belting aloud said songs.

good friend's wife wakes up to go to the bathroom. hears some nutcase singing outside her building. realizes the singing is in italian. oh my god, she says. good friend receives a call on cell phone that says come inside and go to bed right now.


2. another friend shares a cab with two other party goers, one of whom gets a little mean. friend watches as weirdly, wicked conversation ensues (mostly coming from the one who turned mean). that friend gets dropped off and cab driver turns to tell other two slightly baffled friends, "dude, don't worry. she's drunk." two remaining friends proceed to go inside and play drums loudly until much later (earlier?) in the morning.

3. girl throws party. girl begins enjoying party at 7:30 and doesn't stop enjoying party until 5. somewhere in the middle of dancing, girl forgets it's a bad idea to enjoy the party this much. girl cannot get out of bed until right before work. trips over many things through the ensuing evening, but still pulls it together rather well, says she. girl shall drink only water for the next week and swears never to enjoy a party this much, ever again.

until next time.


  1. Hey! That girl? The one in the last part? Is it me? :) Cuz it could be.

  2. ahhh, so nice to know i'm not alone;)