Monday, March 28, 2011


it's official. if ever aliens take over the planet, if ever there's some mass zombie virus that descends, if ever any wide spread anything strikes the US, i'll be the first to go.

yep. totally capoot. 86 corrie.

as this past week proves, i, apparently, have no immune system. which explains why i've had the stomach flu 3 times, that's right, 3 FREAKIN' times this year. maybe anyone that catches it 3 times deserves it. which could be why this time it's lasted for 5 days (and counting). my body is saying: not going to buy yourself vitamins? pow! take that cheap girl.

tho it's not really stomach flu. it's gastroentro(something).

do you know how you catch it?

you touch something that someone who touched something poopy (yes, i mean literally poopy) touched and then you get those germs in your mouth. considering how many times a day i'm putting food into my mouth, i'll probably get gastrowhatever like 9 more times this season.

it wasn't food though. i think i remember exactly when it happened. i was rushing into the gym (hip hop class was starting) and i was fumbling an umbrella, my bag and wallet. to get my ID card i needed to take my gloves off and instead of pulling them off like a normal person, using my other hand, i used my teeth.

even then i thought it was disgusting. do you know what those gloves touch?! in this city?!

boom, next morning, corrie's laid out flat.

it's strange being very sick because you don't even really care. i spent the entire day friday waking up, napping, waking up, lying there, then napping more. from 9 in the morning until 1 a.m. when i offically went to sleep. i didn't want to read or watch tv. i just lied there. semi-conscious. all day.
but not today. today, i'm better! maybe not 100 percent, but i'm sitting up, writing, and thinking about food. today, things like going to the bank and finishing my taxes sound like fun. today just imagining doing either of those things doesn't wipe me out. (okay, doing taxes maybe does.)

oh, rejoice to be on the mend! rejoice to be healthy! and rejoice that you have not had a nearly week long, someone else's poopy caused stomach virus!

and please while you're rejoicing, everyone, wash your hands.


  1. With four kids I am obsessive about hand washing. And when one of them gets the stomach flu- I gargle with lysol(I want to but I don't). And yet I still get the flu from them. Stupid poopy hands. That's what I used to call my sister when we were little "Poopy hands." After reading this, I realize it is not much of an insult since it seems we all have a lil bit a poop on our hands. I am so so glad to read that you are feeling better. Stay feeling good! xoxo

  2. what?! you called your sister poopy hands?! where/how did that come about? thanks for all the well wishes, toots. it helps! xoxo