Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what do you do?

life is good.

i might only be saying that because i'm having my first proper cup of coffee in a week. but so what? you have to say it when you feel it, right? so....

the heat just came on, a banana breads in the oven, i have three days off in a row which i don't plan on being sick for this time, and my writing is progressing swimmingly. right now, life is freakin' great.

this was going to be a blog post about baking. and how now i bake and i never did before and isn't it cool as adults that we continue to grow and learn? then i thought about it.

i bake exactly four things comfortably: bread, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies and apple crumb cake. that cake recipe is a new addition, too. so until about 2 weeks ago, three things.

that's like saying i'm a swimmer when my only stroke is doggy paddle (though you should see my underwater handstand).

but maybe that's the great thing about being an adult. we can say and do whatever we want. you know, barring mean things.

so i'll say it proudly: I BAKE four things!

this week from work i'll acquire that shortbread cookie recipe. that'll put me up to 5. it's a slow start, but visit me when i'm 70 and be prepared to have your socks blown off.

and here, to light up your wednesday, is a fabulous dancing dog video:


  1. Dancing dogs are always good. Ever seen Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig? Youtube. Worth the time spent for the song alone. Also, you can say that you bake - I only bake cookies at Christmas, but dammit I bake!

  2. When i bake, I usually just pick up the biggest piece of cake from my favorite bakery.

    not sure if that video constitutes animal abuse or if I'm just jealous. My cat just scratch the #@!!@ out of me when I tried to teach them the cha cha.

  3. that pig monkey thing is absurd! and mandycat, this is why dogs are obv. better than cats --they're unconcerned with things like dignity. and yes, seriously, if only my turns were as nicely executed as this dogs, i'd be on a whole 'nother level.

  4. Ok Wachob - its on! I'm bring ALL my cats over to your place and we're gonna hip-hop your butt off!