Wednesday, April 20, 2011

25 days to go

i might be the only person in nyc who's happy about the grey weather this month. i wake up in the morning, see a sliver of grey out my window, and think YES!

sorry other millions of city dwellers, but grey skies = productive corrie.

yesterday was another twelve hour writing day. i left my house and computer only once, to go to the market. it really is a market, too. it's set up in a warehouse with lots and lots of boxes of fresh produce for cheap!

5 blood oranges for $2. 3 artichokes for $2. 8 limes for $1. 

these prices are unheard of around here, and what's even better, the produce doesn't come pre-wrapped in styrofoam and saran wrap. (come on major grocery chains, what's the deal with this? haven't you heard about this planet's garbage problems.)

the juries still out on whether the produce from the market actually tastes good. i made a delicious salad yesterday and boiled an artichoke. the artichoke was eh. the salad was a-ma-zing, but probably because it was slathered in dressing.

i'm babbling now. the way some who hasn't left the house in the last 36 hours might.

progress report? i've reached the middle of my draft. always a tricky place for me as i tend to slow down my plots. today it goes off to my first reading friend. and then it's ONWARD to the end.

happy wednesday, everyone!


  1. omg, 5 blood oranges for $2? where is this magical place?! even Chinatown isn't that cheap...
    congrats on getting through the middle; that's always the hardest for me too. you're in the home stretch now! :)
    (also, just thought this was funny, the word-recognition thing on the comment section for me just now was "trying". hehe)

  2. yes! incredible right? it's on 25th street and 3rd Ave in south slope/sunset park. right across from the porn stores (i kid you not) and right off the R train.

    that word recognition tool is weird. someelse once commented that her words were also oddly relevant.

    how long until computers grow their own brains?

  3. computers already have their own brains! why else would they always choose to crash right when you need them the most? <.<
    sunset park... is that in brooklyn? *never leaves manhattan pretty much, oops*

  4. ha, yes, it's definitely in brooklyn. i can't necessarily say it's worth the commute out, but the other perk is you could practice your spanish, chica.