Sunday, April 17, 2011

sustenance or 27 days to go

Finish My Novel in a Month: DAY 4

i'm sick. again. have i mentioned that recently?

this makes it twice in one month.

to keep things interesting, my body's caught two totally different illnesses. so the medicine i bought for the first, is exactly the opposite of what i need for this one. at least i got to be in the Guinness book for participating in the Worlds Longest Rite Aid line with Only One Cashier On.

wait, what? that's not a category? damn.

if this doesn't look that horrific,
know that there were many tiny old ladies squeezed into
the spaces between the taller people.
the fact that i'm even buying medicine is proof that i'm not well. i'm usually of the "sick is sick, you're supposed to be suffering" school of thought. but it's bad enough that i'm working with a pink mustache of chapped upper lip. a cough suppressant is a must.

speaking of work, today my friend told me about a great get better broth. first, slowly simmer garlic in some good chicken stock for 30 minutes, blend, salt, and sip. "it's so good for you!" she said, as if the chocolate chips i'd eaten as my breakfast and lunch weren't.

for the record, this is a current picture of my fridge:

(yes, i have a mini fridge. yes, that's annoying.)

there ain't a lot of healthy that's coming out of this sucker at the moment. and yet, i still managed to make this delicious concoction the other night. i like to call it corriebimbop. i even lightly pickled those cucumbers.

don't be too impressed. this is a picture of my usual daily sustenance:

except minus the juice and tea. those are my attempts at healthiness.

sick or not, on a writing front things are flying along fabulously. on friday i worked for 12 hours straight. thus i've won a place in the Guinness Book for Most Consecutive Hours Spent Trying to Write a Novel in a Month on her Dell XPS Laptop While Sick.

what? also not a category? wt-hell is Guinness Book good for?

one of my crit groupers is reading my WIP for me and she responded with amazing edits only a few short hours after i sent pages. so minus the pink chapped mustache, the hacking cough, and the piles of dirty tissues i'm surrounded by (on my beautiful new (old) couch) all in all i'm off to a good start.

i'm even feeling cocky enought to think that i can finish faster than a month. waaa-haaa-haaaa. but maybe that's just the theraflu night time starting to kick in.

thank you upstairs housemate for delivering the goods and helping get my couch in the door. thank you crit friend for being such an excellent reader. thank you theraflu for knocking me out. and goodbye Day Four in my quest.

and to all a good night.


  1. I'm afraid to post here because you might get ME sick.

    I can get a lot of reading done when I'm sick, so I'm sure the same goes for writing. Right?

  2. haha, paula, you're awesome and i like your thinking. so far so good for sick = productive. keep your fingers crossed.