Friday, April 8, 2011

a big bad mama weekend


i love it. when i'm in it, simple things like walking down the subway platform suddenly feel cool. you don't mess with me when i have my swagger on. my hair is better, my jeans fit tighter. i'm a whole container of daaaaamn girl!

at hip hop on wednesday we danced to Big Bad Mama, by Foxy Brown. the whole class was into it. it was old school and fun, all about strut and cockiness.  i left with a new hitch in my step thinking life was fine. (but, you know, pronounced 90's style, fa-hyne!)

i met up with a friend afterwards. the swagger continued. i'm not saying it had anything to do with it, but the bartender bought us a few rounds of drinks (it probably had more to do that we were talking restaurant industry with him, but shhhh).

everyone's gotta feel this way this weekend! i decided. so that's your charge. blast some music. find Big Bad Mama. Yeah I Know You Want Me by Ciara works wonders, too (seriously check it). then shake it and let the swagger ensue. it's the perfect accompaniment to any weekend.

and just 'cause i like it so much, and i still got a little daaaaamn girl left in me, i'm posting the video twice, from two different angles.

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