Wednesday, April 6, 2011

predicting good fortune

i covered a shift on friday. i wasn't very gracious in my acceptance of said shift, but a friend was sick so i agreed. and then a strange thing happened. it turned out to be fun.

i've noticed this in the past when i've picked up a shift. the mental process goes something like: i'm not supposed to be here right now = this doesn't really count as work = this isn't so bad

maybe it was just that i'd decided to throw my earnings in a big fat envelope that says VACATION!

anyway, suffice it to say, i was in a good mood.

it's amazing to me how much other people pick up on that. there was one couple in particular i connected with. somewhere near the end of the meal, the gentleman in the couple, thanked me for being so friendly. who can i speak to about this dining experience! he asked, making me laugh at how much tone of voice changes meanings. as he was getting up to leave he stopped me again.

"Good things are going to happen for you," he said.

i've been thinking about his prediction ever since.

nevermind that my family has been relentlessly telling me this for years (um ahem, can those good things please hurry up?). but this simple affirmation from a stranger, truly made my day. i felt touched. special. and coming from a stranger, the benediction seemed more credible. it was like someone took away the blindfold. by goodness -- good things were going to happen for me!

so because i can't keep anything to myself -- ever (* note to friends, yes you must specify "this stays between us" when telling me a secret) -- i'm sharing it with you.

good things are going to happen, for all of us. they might already be here. you'll see.

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  1. i think that's definitely a memorable moment.. people surprise you sometimes :) and yes, always fingers crossed for good things :)