Wednesday, April 13, 2011


so i had a bit of bad news yesterday. i mean, in the grand scheme, it's nothing horrible. all my loved ones are safe, happy, healthy. it was more like, i had "put corrie in a glum mood" kind of news.

not an hour after receiving it, i went out and bought a leather love seat.

do i need a new couch? not really. do i have space for a new couch? definitely not. and yet, it's being delivered here within the afternoon.

i bought the couch for $300 from a housing works thrift store. it's cute, comfy, adult-like. what makes this a little less happy of a purchase? i'm paying $75 to some moving company to have it delivered. i didn't call around for quotes. just said yes to the first guy that answered his phone.

yesterday a friend asked why i wasn't going home for easter. he'd heard about my glum news and knew i could use the break. i told him that since i last looked, airfare jumped to a point that it was too expensie.

that's why you're not going home? he laughed, as if it was the most absurd thing ever. how much did it go up?

$75, i told him. the same amount of money i dropped less than 24 hours later -- not happily, mind you -- to move a piece of furniture that i don't really need.

these are the moments i find interesting in life. the choices we make. the excuses we give ourselves.

the $75 moving company decision was probably a stupid one (i could have rented a uhaul for a quarter of that -- but oh the pain in the ass). in the grand scheme, it matters not a stitch. more money will come in. more will go out. that's why the not going home for the same amount of money, was probably just as silly.

** UPDATE other mover called me back! $35 but i need to help. booyah.


  1. New couch!!! Lets redecorate your place!!! we can make it sooooooo cute. I'm getting a new refrigerator and having my place painted - all at my landlord's expense! Dance your ass off today and you'll feel better - and pretty - and hip! Three more AdL shifts for me! yay!

  2. Also, where is that dog? i have a friend who will adopt him.

  3. yay! okay, i need some where to move things advice. i'll post picture of couch as soon as it's in. christine was like, awesome you got a couch. will it fit through your door? did you measure. and i said, measure?

    can't dance tonight. have to work:( three shifts of celebrating left for you, you mean.

    also, doggie is at the vets office on my corner. and it's a she! Lucy.