Friday, April 15, 2011

ready, set...

a month.

depending how you look at it, it's a long or short period of time. going on vacation? a month is luxuriously long. one month out of our entire lives? tiny.

writing a novel in a month? i think that falls somewhere in between.

that's what i'm doing. starting today -- April 15 -- i'm going to finish my current WIP by mid-May. how close am i to finishing? 70 pages of serious writing, then many rounds of revision.

is it doable? yes, maybe, i think so.

will i be doing anything else this month but writing? no.

will i still be blogging? yes, of course! tho get ready for posts about page counts and stress-induced hallucinations. hmmm that actually sounds pretty interesting.

after my bit of glum news the other day, i called one of my best girls. in the background her husband said, "tell corrie to keep writing. no matter what." i met with my agent yesterday and she and i came to the same conclusion.

you can be mamby-pamby or you can go balls to the wall and finish a damn (awesome) project in a month. so with some strong antioxidant tea bubbling on the stove (can you believe i'm coming down with a cold now?), arms sore from moving my giant, fabulous new couch (that's why it cost only $35, you need to help), i am all ready and set.

so here....i....GO!!!

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