Monday, May 9, 2011


no, i'm not going anywhere. i'd like to. i saw a friend's pictures of her tennessee trip and i was salivating. it could have had something to do with the brunch pics, but also, the open road, the bright, non-urban hues -- they're all escapes my body is craving.

instead my vacation is coming to me. my parents are coming!

depending on the parents, this can sound pretty unvacation-like. but mine are cool. we hang really well together. i love seeing them in the city. you can't beat being with the people you know best in totally fresh environments. the new adventures always bring out the best in us. (hi mom! can't wait)

so anyhoo, today it's clean, clean, clean.

tomorrow it's grocery shop, grocery shop, grocery shop.

can't promise the blog'll be great this week, but, hey, it's my vacation. i'm supposed to be slacking off.


  1. gotta love the last-minute pre-guest cleaning :) i'm doing that tomorrow... hehe. have a good week off!

  2. clean sheets? check.

    clean shower tiles? check(ish).

    clean floors? check.

    my mom was like, don't worry, it's just us, but sometimes it takes having company to realize what a slob you are. have fun with your bro and mama:)

  3. I think you should take them here. Ever watch this show? Probably not, assuming you have no time for TV. Or no cable. Anyway, this is where I want to go if I'm ever back in NYC!

  4. ooh that place looks fun! and their blog says they're filming a reality show? weird. we'll be in that area on some of the days, so i just might take you up on that suggestion. at the moment we're flying by the seats, which can end up fun and can end up with some really frantic online searches:)

  5. YES - it's on the Science Channel I think? I watch it a lot. They buy & sell weird things - embalming equipment, antique medical equipment, taxidermy, etc. Very interesting stuff that "normal" people wouldn't want - but I kind of would.