Friday, May 13, 2011

if-my-boot-straps-were-any-longer-they'd-be-suspenders friday

oh dear.

on tuesday i received news from my agent that my WIP is just that, a work that needs more progress. this is the opposite of the reviews i expected. namely, that my WIP is exactly the fabulous YA novel i know it to be. that in a few months it will sell a million copies and pull me instantly from the drudge of day jobs.

enter the freak out. the wrist thrown to the forehead. the dramatic emails to friends and family. though i haven't quite exited the freak out stage, i have family here (thank freakin' goodness) to distract me. come saturday when they leave, i'll resume doing what i always do.

write every day. plod along. get back to level.

eventually life will be great again. the WIP will be tighter. i'll start dreaming about book auctions, huge advances, and movie deals once more.

until then, here is a video that my dad sent me. it's not everyday your dad sends a suggestion for the blog. scratch that. your dad never sends me blog suggestions. *winky face*

it's fitting, too. a record of difficult tasks carried out over great distances.

also, below that is a repost of my "in the middle video," 'cause this week i need reminding that life is a work in progress, too, and the "in middle part" should be as cherished as the rest of it. 

and yes, my wrist is still firmly planted against my forehead.

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