Monday, May 16, 2011

a weirdly written monday

dear corrie's blog,

today isn't really a good day to be posting. corrie's brain is a little all over the place at the moment.  mostly, it keeps going back to the thought of another year. after a talk with the agent today, it seems that it will be at least another year before corrie sells a book.

which isn't bad. not really. not in the grand scheme. not when corrie's agent keeps telling her she has a long career of selling books in front of her.

but before any of that can happen, corrie either needs to massively revamp a current work or write a completely new novel that is little more than a few pages of notes.

daunted. that could be the word of the day, blog. because a year feels like a long time to continue a day job that is exhausting. a year is not today or next month or yesterday for that matter, when you're ready to have a little success.

so blog, today we will look on the bright side.

corrie is massively revamping and writing from scratch two novels that will be phenomenal when finished. corrie is working a day job that let's her write during the day and pays for things like fancy dinners out, dentist appointments, and new nail polish colors. it also allows her to eat a giant bowl of buttery mashed potatoes every evening. corrie's blinked away years doing less fun things and living less fun places than here.

and now blog, i must sign off because this is a truly weird post. maybe, everyone, just read friday's blog instead. hopefully by wednesday, corrie won't be referring to herself first person anymore.

muchos besos,

ps here's a picture of Henry VIII's armor. cool right?


  1. Cool indeed! A year is just the tip of a single fingernail in the hand of life and great things await.

  2. no te procupes! and hey, maybe if you revise over the summer, your novel will be even more awesome by september, and go to auction where everyone wants to buy it and make you lots of moneys! huzzah? :)

  3. That armour is missing any & all crotch protection. Hmmmm....