Friday, June 17, 2011

rollin' with the bloggers

even though i normally post about anything but writing (though i'm getting better about that lately), i am a writer. and since i've moved to NYC i've been doing lots of things to emerge myself in the writing world. some of those things i like to do -- helloooo this blog. others i'm still getting the hang of -- helloooo absolute write forum!

but i have this amazing crit parner, who not only taught me how to make exciting hyperlinks but told me i really should be on the absolutewrite forums. i signed up the way i do anything new online -- hesitantly and suspicious that my identity will be stolen momentarily.

it's been a few weeks now. i sometimes forget to check back in when i post things, but all in all it's going along swimmingly. to the point that, i also signed up to be on a blog roll which is where everyone visits everyone else's blog.

number of blogs i've visited from it? erm, remember how i said i kinda forget to check back in on things i post? so none yet, but by monday i'll have viewed them all! (wait, did everyone new just stop ready? poop.)

anyhoo... today is my turn to post something for the blog roll! the theme is Setting the Scene.

so welcome anyone new. i've devised a game called here's my setting guess the scene.

setting: random decorative object in my house?

scene: ho ho no! i mean yes, but let's call the scene: Girl's Only Birthday Wish.

when asked what i'd like for my birthday this year, these lights were the only thing that came to mind because i like gifts that are both useful and easy to find a place for. who says i ain't got me some class?

                                                             setting: solitary confinement?


scene: yes! welcome to the view of my bathroom. (what? solitary confinement's not a dig. i live alone. it's a play on words).

why did i think new viewers to my blog would like to see what i see when i look out my bathroom window?well 'cause it's kinda funny but more because i'm still in pajamas, needed to shoot photos and this seemed the most interesting.

can you imagine the rest of my apartment? if my tiny bathroom window and silly lightup flower lights are the best things in it?

one more. this game is super fun, right?

                                                                  setting: bedside table?

scene: haha, no! this is a picture of how to spend a perfect morning. cup of coffee, kinda early so you don't feel guilty about still being in bed, and an AMAZING book. The Scorpio Races is one of the ARCs i had signed from BEA. it is PHENOMENAL. luckily when ms. stiefvater signed it for me i hadn't read it yet, otherwise i might have been fawny and overly gushy about how much i love this freakin' book.

i can't wait until you read it. if i didn't want to keep it, i'd send it around so you could all read it right after me. but i do want to keep it, so you'll have to wait for it to actually come out. sorry. but seriously. get this book

i hope you enjoyed this little game. i'm sure i've butchered both the meanings of setting and scene, bored you to tears, and offended you by saying that i haven't yet fully participated in the blogroll.

which means that you've had a true to form unfortunate behaviors blog experience. *pats self on back*

happy friday and see you all soon on yours!


  1. Very unique response to the prompt...after all, we didn't say "no illustrations!"

  2. There is an exercise called Soul Collage in which one takes various pictures, pre-cut from magazines, that strike a chord with their muse.

    This is a mini Soul Collage.

    Interesting spin on the assignment, using pictures to convey feeling.

  3. Interesting take on the Blog Chain. I like how pictures (and music) inspire us as writers. Well done.

  4. Welcome to the blog chain. I like your little light tree!

  5. thanks all! it was fun to do. i look forward to looking at all of your blogs to see what spin you gave the theme. cheers!

  6. cute way to work with the prompt! ;) is that light-tree new? I don't remember it... it's pretty!
    must read Scorpio Races next....

  7. Love the unique take with the photo game. And since I AM a Scorpio, I'll guess I'll have to add Ms. Stiefvater's book to my TBR pile whether it's about astrology or not. LOL I did like her Shiver, after all, though I've not read the next 2.

  8. What a unique spin on the theme. I like your light tree and now I have a new book to put on my reading list :).

  9. I is jealous of your bathroom although I loved the description. My bathroom is just as small, we can't fit the kitty litter box in it, and no window.

    I do love how you described it though. Solitary confinement is fitting and who would want a group bathroom. Nice twist on the prompt although it did take me a couple of readings to get used to it.

  10. I thought about getting a light tree at IKEA once. I just don't have enough style to pull it off. I hope you do, ;)

    Way to find a way to mix the blog chain's theme with your blog's personal theme. Good mix :)

  11. interesting concept to mix your blog with the blog chain theme. I like it when peeps think out of the box. I enjoyed your post and I love your little light tree!