Wednesday, June 15, 2011

that's right. two butterflies. they were just, um, hanging out on the lamp post, but took to the sky as soon as i snapped a picture. i rather prefer them like this. perhaps because i feel a little out of focus myself.

my WIP, that i adore, is looking like a wet shirt that sat balled up in a corner for a month. i've been here before and i know it will iron itself out, but that doesn't mean it's much fun. or that my general mindset hasn't been: ARGH!

(you've been here before, corrie. it will be fine).

on a happy note: my pops is in town and the next few days will involve much visiting, train taking, sight seeing, eating, and fun.

but first i'm off to do a little more grunt (literally) work on this WIP. because just like those butterflies, as delicate as they look, they're not stopping until they get the job done. and yes, booyah, that is how you link a writing analogy to a picture of butterflies having sex.

happy wednesday, everyone!

** when i meant, get to work, i really meant: check my twitter and facebook for a while. which is where i found this terrific video that PAPER LANTERN LIT posted on their blog. i can't help it. i need to post it as well. thanks guys, for the inspiration!

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  1. OMG. that is the cutest kid ever. also. hahahahaha. butterfly sex.... WIN!