Friday, June 10, 2011

summer sounds

summer is unofficially here! 

it's been in the 90's the past few days in NYC, which actually isn't as terrible as it sounds (sez me the garden apartment dweller). but an even bigger summer signifier is that the Prospect Park concert series is starting tonight. who's playing? one of my favorites...


let me preface this by saying, i used to listen to cool music. i grew up on hardcore and emo, then switched to at the drive-in for a few years straight (when you listen to ATDI you don't need other music*).

*though ATDI is not for everyone, there's two reasons to watch this video. first, the little butt shake thing he does right around the 50 sec mark. it puts my butt shake move to shame. also, the chorus around the 1:45 minute mark = most energizing chorus ever. it's a freight train! and it's coming!

then i moved to NYC. i've been a little obsessed with Bachatta ever since:

and reaggaton:

and whatever song my hip hop teacher has chosen that week:

so it's the start of summer tonight, but it's also a flashback to my cool listening roots. (tho, damn, mos def is awesome.) but just for one night. because tomorrow it's going to be back to music that sounds more like this**:

** if you want to become latin music obsessed with me, check out NYC's radio station 96.3. they have amazing music that's basically on repeat. it's totally fun and very fresh for summer. or create a Prince Royce Pandora station. i promise you won't regret it.

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  1. that concert will be so cool! and isn't looking back at your old music fun? hehe