Monday, June 13, 2011

the best thing to do EVER!

i did all my summer shopping in one fell swoop yesterday and i didn't spend a penny. i attended my darling friend's semi-annual clothing swap.

have you ever been to a clothes swap before? yes? good. go you. no? please immediately plan one with all of your girlfriends. no seriously, get it going tomorrow. it really is the. best. thing. ever. here are the rules:

pull out all your clothes/shoes/accessories that are taking up space/you know you'll never wear again/were a bad impulse/are too small/too big/ or it's been over a year since you've warn. now, don't just pull out the bad ones. sweat stained t-shirts need not apply. be honest and generous with your selections. ask a bunch of your girlfriends to do the same. have them invite anyone they think would be interested. hold a two hour event on a sunday afternoon and... BAM. whole new wardrobe for you.

you think i jest? look at my haul:

note the stylin' leather jacket in the upper left and the hot mama pants in the lower right.

my favorite part of the clothing swap -- alright, second favorite part after the whole new wardrobe thing -- is the sisterhood of it.

all around you are ladies in bra and undies, being like, "oh my god that looks fabulous on you!" or, saying, "here try this." or "this one's not so me, but it would probably look terrific on you." there's no guilt allowed, so you're allowed to be all "i would love to have that" and you can go home with as much as you want.

there's something equally amazing about watching someone freshly adore something that had become old to you. so thank you my dear friend, Karen. i was on a clothing swap high all day long yesterday. and i still can not believe i scored this dress: 

seriously, ladies, swap it up and feel the love.

ooh. and other other best part? anything that doesn't get taken home, gets donated to a women's shelter.

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  1. HAWT dress! and clothing swaps are my new favorite thing. also, living with a roomie my size is great too. I just steal all of her dresses. ... is this what having a girl sibling is like? <.< only I guess there would've been more fighting if we were for real related, hmm...